She Is Armored


Yes, this workout is comprised of strength training and cardio workouts, but don't expect what happens in your life and body to be average!

God gives us promises and calls us to decree and declare things into the atmosphere and spiritual realm. However, we cannot make light of the fact that He put our spirits into a human capsule. God is not a wasteful God, and all that He creates has a purpose and is significant. You have an obligation to use your words to change the atmosphere, but you are just as responsible for being a good steward over your body and using it as a tool to unlock our purposes here on earth.

We are 3-part beings (body, soul, spirit), so our bodies have to be a part of the equation. If there is a part that is not being involved in the process (such as the body), then the whole process doesn’t work right.

With that in mind, I created She Is Armored. This is a 5-day fitness challenge that is every bit of a warfare workout! Why?! Because daily we will learn how to spiritually put on the full armor of God while challenging ourselves to physically build up strength. This 5-day gym based workout plan splits workouts into 5 body groups directly aligned with the armor of God (our spiritual weaponry)!

We will work in union with God to strengthen our bodies from the inside out. This program is NOT typical as it will challenge you to focus on God (NOT getting ripped), battling and winning for what rightfully belongs to you, and hearing what God is trying to tell you!

When you sign up, you get access to the She Is Armored E-book that will include information about:

  • Workouts: Detailed outline of each workout
  • Demo Videos: Showing you how to do each movement of every workout
  • Notes: Dedicated space to journal how you are feeling and what God is telling you
  • Coaching Audios: To help you learn how to connect the physical and spiritual
  • Daily Emails: To keep you on track and motivated
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