Hi, I'm Jená!

It's my mission to help savvy women, like you, grow bold, unashamed, and active in their pursuit to heal their bodies naturally and live supernatural lives! As the Holistic Lifestyle Maven, I specialize in four holistically fit pillars!

Improving fitness, nutrition, & sustainable living is the best way to heal the body as naturally as possible. I show women how to focus on health to stop cycles of sickness & health issues so that can look and feel strong.

Using the Word Of God, I help women effectively battle the schemes of Satan, learn about the promises of God, and ignite inner change that helps them to manifest God's best.

Personal development work that tugs on issues of the heart. I teach women to sheds sabotaging behaviors and false internal narratives to become a confident woman not ruled by emotions.

Building a faith-based business that impacts the word and provides sustainable income is more than possible. I help millennial women navigate their purpose-based businesses with unconventional strategies so that they grow in character, wisdom, confidence, and revenue.

Now let's get to work!

Available Digital Courses

Protect Your Promise Masterclass

Chronic second-guessing, indecision, and confusion do NOT have to be a way of life for you. Ultimately indecision is a decision to stay where you are and not grow into the accomplished woman you want to be. How long will you stay stuck? Or will you be one of the few women who fight their way out?

Unstuck Fitness Challenge

It's about MORE than just having a tight body! It's about being a good steward over your temple. It IS possible to feel and look BETTER all while discovering a real way to ENJOY living a healthy lifestyle. HINT: You have to include God as our source of healing and help! Strict diets are stupid...

My Digital Courses Available Digital Courses
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